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Upcoming decentralized social media platform for web 3.0


An open source social media app that does not use your data against you.

Velvet Live
Velvet Live

Connect with shoppers who need your advice and expertise when they’re shopping online. Assist and sell to customers the same way you would in-store, but now through chat and video straight from the app.


Mobile ordering solution with robot delivery. Stewards also provides variety of tools like staff application to manage orders, self checkout solution and admin dashboard.


Get personalized videos from your favorite celebrities at just one click. Request personalized video messages for your friends, family, loved ones or even yourself. Be it a doubt or even a special wish from your favorite celebrity.


KCards is your one-stop replacement for paper cards. KCards help you to easily share your cards with other users and get real-time analytics on the shared cards.

ArticlesWhen I'm not writing code, I write articles
Top 5 languages to explore in 2022
In this article, we'll look at some of the languages that might be great to explore in 2022 based on...

Jan 13th, 2022

AWS Roadmap
Today, we'll take a look at a brief AWS roadmap. Our goal is to focus on fundamentals then identify...

Jan 6th, 2022

Connecting to PostgreSQL using GORM
This article builds up on the last part where we built a simple REST API with Go. Now, let's connect...

Dec 1st, 2021

Preview Environments with AWS & Cloudflare
On-demand preview environment is a strategy to spin up a temporary infrastructure and isolated...

Nov 24th, 2021

Seeding Postgres with Docker
Seeding postgres container during local development can be bit cumbersome, at least during the...

Nov 12th, 2021

Auditing unsafe passwords
In this article, we'll look at how we can setup our own infrastructure for auditing passwords using...

Nov 3rd, 2021

Optimize Node.js performance with clustering
In this article, We will see how we can optimize our Node.js applications with clustering. Later...

Oct 1st, 2021

Exposing resources securely with Argo Tunnel
In this article, we'll see how to leverage Cloudflare's argo tunnels without publicly exposing our...

Sep 25th, 2021

Tips for Better Code Review
Code reviews can be really helpful to find issues before they head out to QA and also keep our code...

Sep 19th, 2021

AWS SQS vs SNS vs EventBridge
In this article we will take a look at following AWS messaging services - SQS, SNS and...

Sep 13th, 2021

Easy Kubernetes development with Skaffold
In this article, we'll see how we can use skaffold to develop our kubernetes native applications...

Sep 7th, 2021

Build a REST API with Go - For Beginners
In this article, we will build a simple REST CRUD API with Go. I've also created a video if you...

Sep 1st, 2021

Deploy React app to S3 & Cloudfront
In this article, we will look at how we can deploy our webapp to AWS S3 with AWS Cloudfront as our...

Aug 26th, 2021

Go like error handling in TypeScript
In this article we'll learn about how we can handle our errors like Go with TypeScript. Note: In...

Aug 20th, 2021

Introduction to Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
In this article we will be learning about Infrastructure as Code, approaches, benefits and then we'll...

Aug 17th, 2021

Configuring AWS CLI
In this article we'll be setting up AWS CLI and credentials which is useful when we want to interact...

Aug 11th, 2021

Deploying Next.js on AWS App Runner
Last week I was playing around with AWS App runner which is a new and exciting offering by AWS. So,...

Aug 5th, 2021

Art of building small containers
In this article, we will learn how to build small docker containers by understanding builder pattern...

Jul 30th, 2021

Dockerize your Go app
Go is quickly becoming one of my favorite languages to work with. So, today we'll dockerize our Go...

Jul 24th, 2021

Vite is too fast!
Recently I tried Vite and I was blown away by how fast it was. I re-checked if I started the app...

Jul 18th, 2021

Dockerize your Node app
Hey, welcome back. This article is part of the Dockerize series, make sure to checkout the...

Jul 13th, 2021

Dockerize your React app
Hey, welcome back. This article is part of the Dockerize series, make sure to checkout the...

Jul 8th, 2021

Introduction to Dockerize series
Introduction Hey, welcome to the Dockerize series. Here, I will be discussing how to use...

Jul 8th, 2021

Unit testing in Go
In this article let's discuss how we can write simple unit tests in go. All the code from this...

Jul 3rd, 2021

Blazing fast TypeScript with Webpack and ESBuild
Recently, I migrated a project I've been working on to TypeScript. I decided to use Webpack in...

Jun 28th, 2021

Introduction to Go Fiber
What is go fiber? Fiber is a web framework heavily inspired by Express and that makes it...

Jun 23rd, 2021

Amazing image placeholders with blurhash
Few weeks ago I was playing around with Wolt iOS app, I was really impressed by how the app handled i...

Feb 11th, 2021

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