Why learn Go?

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Before we start this course, let us talk about why we should learn Go.

1. Easy to learn

Go is quite easy to learn and has a supportive and active community.

And being a multipurpose language you can use it for things like backend development, cloud computing, and more recently, data science.

2. Fast and Reliable

Which makes it highly suitable for distributed systems. Projects such as Kubernetes and Docker are written in Go.

3. Simple yet powerful

Go has just 25 keywords which makes it easy to read, write and maintain. The language itself is concise.

But don't be fooled by the simplicity, Go has several powerful features that we will later learn in the course.

4. Career opportunities

Go is growing fast and is being adopted by companies of any size. and with that, comes new high-paying job opportunities.

I hope this made you excited about Go. Let's start this course.

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